Accessibility & Diversity

We plan to make this march as inclusive and accessible to as many people as possible. We value diversity and equality. Scientists and people who care about science are an intersectional group, embodying a diverse range of race, sexual orientation, (a)gender identity, ability, religion, age, and socioeconomic and immigration status. We come together under a shared passion for pursuing and sharing knowledge.

Discrimination has no place at our event, and will be addressed by march organizers. During the event, march organizers and volunteers will be identified by high visibility vests and can be called upon to assist or address accessibility or safety issues.

ASL translators have been actively pursued and should be attending the March. Unfortunately screens for closed captioning are not in place at this venue. If anyone requires the use of an amplification device, this can be arranged.

Even though the event is outdoors, the organizers will remind participants to keep scents to a minimum since when marching participants can be in close proximity.

If there are other accessibility suggestions or needs, please contact as soon as possible.